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Today The Tiny Chapel was opened and blessed by Sherry Weller. The following is the text of the ceremony.

Welcome to you all. I’m glad you’ve made time on this beautiful day to join us at Serendipity around The Tiny Chapel…’s a special occasion for me!

I felt it was important to explain publicly the “WHY” our Tiny Chapel was built this year….2016.

There are a number of reasons:

Firstly, in the late ’70s I was a post-grad student in St Louis, Missouri, USA. Despite what you hear on the news about the American Mid-West, there are many amazing, loving Christian folk there and throughout the countryside are these un-attended tiny churches without locked doors….. traveller’s chapels…. places of reverence for any peace-loving person to “have a moment”!

I wanted to build one in Australia.

Another reason is a very personal and probably controversial one that I’d like to seriously share with you today. I am a Christian…. a follower of Jesus Christ’s teaching of love. Through historical testament, I believe that he was an amazing being who did change the world for the better. I feel that many Christian church services and locked Christian churches lack the faith, love and reverence that Christianity deserves.

I wanted to build a sanctuary where one could be reverent.

And the final reason, I wanted the chapel to be a place where people could find solace and think of their loved ones who have passed away. Just as I have found solace in building the chapel after a close friend of mine died in tragic circumstances in 2014.

My wish is that The Tiny Chapel will become a place for those all passing by, to remember loved ones gone…”to have a moment”. It will be a place to be thankful, a place to reflect, to meditate, to be quiet, to be happy and always a place of peace.

In the name of GOD whom we know by different names, I offer this chapel to the service of all people of good will.

Below is a collection of photos from the day.

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  1. I am a constant tourist in this area even own a property nearby but not in this street. I was driving around soaking up the beauty of this area and discovered the Tiny Chapel by chance. Intrigued I pulled over to have a closer look. I was surprised at the open invitation to open the latch and come in. What I found inside really puzzled me. What an amazing idea in a stunning location. I open the arched windows sat and contemplated the magnificent view. Looking around everywhere despite finding your photo book I could not find any reference to “why” it was there. A small notice advising on where one could find out more of this amazing place is my only suggestion. Thankfully the internet satisfied my curiosity. Well done for going to the time and effort to build and share this brilliant concept.

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