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The Tiny Chapel was inspired by the numerous ones I saw by the highways when I lived in USA in the Mid-West in the late 1970s. I promised my self that, if I could, I would build one here in Australia. In Missouri and Kansas they were white wooden miniatures that folks far from home could pop in and stay a while… thankful, be blessed and be happy. As an Australian far from home studying in St Louis, Missouri, I was one of those folk.

Our Tiny Chapel is brick. It’s a place for anyone to visit and connect with God….whoever or whatever you may believe him to be. It’s a place to meditate. It’s a place of peace and love. It’s a place of reflection and mindfulness. Above all, it is a place of reverence in one of the most beautiful parts of New South Wales.

It was built by Rob Wade, a retired builder, who, along with my husband Ross Grassick, Vicky Wilson and I, deliberated each angle, the type of material, the colours and how the final result must be. Like me, Rob had always wanted to build a church.

Every element of The Tiny Chapel has its own story to tell.

The Cross

The cross is made of hardwood with the dimensions carefully researched by Rob. He so…

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St Francis

Saint Francis of Assisi is the Patron Saint of animals. Francis was born in 1182…

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Our neighbour Warwick Fuller had been building a free standing wall around a rotunda where…

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Almost every outback country Christian Church has a rainwater tank. For me, it symbolises our…

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I bought this seat second hand, which doubles as a storage area, from my very…

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These bricks are “common bricks” in keeping with Christianity’s beginnings amongst the common folk. They…

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The Oregon pine beams were lovingly restored pieces of wood Ross had in his “we…

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The magnificent front door with its brass fittings was built by the very talented Vicki…

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The wooden window cover was created by Vicki Wilson. The innovative concertina design allows the…

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The "tree" is a universal symbol found in myths and sacred writings of all peoples.  .

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Here are some of the items placed in and around The Tiny Chapel

Wooden Cross


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Silver and Wooden Cross

More information about the story of this cross will be added shortly.

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Silver Jesus on the cross

More information about the story of this cross will be added shortly.

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